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Specialists in the purchase and sale of quality used packaging machinery. This web site is focused on all types of packaging and production machinery. Applications such as filling, capping, labelling, inkjet coding, Thermoforming and more. We also offer a list of services. Read more for details


View our packaging machinery stock on the machinery sales page or take a look at our range of new machinery:

Due to our machinery turnover and enquiries, we are always looking for packaging machinery

S.C.Packaging buys and sells quality used and new packaging machinery and equipment around the world. We also, have a rage of services. Go to the About Us page.

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Food grade stainless steel rotary table new into our stock. 1120mm diameter

Illig HSA 30RD automatic blister packaging machine forms a complete packaging system with thermoforming and sealing unit.

Three Turbo depositor just arrived in to our stock.

Packaging Machinery & Equipment Sales in all types of packaging machinery

Used And New Filling_Machines, Automatic, Semiautomatic, Gravity Filling, Vacuum Filling, Positive Displacement, Modular Filling System, Bench top, Inline.

Labelling_Machines, Self-adhesive preprinted labels, Automatic, semiautomatic, Fast accurate labelling, Sticker machine,

Cap_Tightening Machines, Semiautomatic manual cap placement machine, Automatic capping, Lidding machine, Cap massaging machine, Cap torque, Tamper evident Caps.

Tube_Fillers, Automatic plastic and metal, Hot air sealing and hot jaw, Buy and Sell

Case/Box Taping Machines, Used top and bottom tapping machines

Carton Erectors, Conveyors, Belts, Auger Filler, Rotary table,


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Automatic labelling machine Pago 6M currant model.

Herma H400 automatic base labelling machine now in stock.

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Herma top and bottom automatic labelling machine collected 4/03/2020

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