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Cap Tighteners For Sale

We Specialise In Purchasing Quality Cappers, Inline Cap Tightening Machines

Make: EMerito    Model: Gerr Adora

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Automatic mono-bloc jar camping sealing machine with cap feeder and placer. Video link on page to machine running.

Make: Newman    Model: 5FL

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Pack Leader horizontal wrap around labelling machine PL-521 ex medical application labelling test pots directly for injection moulder.

Make: Cap-Coder    Model: CC1100

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Cap-Coder semi automatic cap tightening machine bench-top indexing cap tightening and torque machine.....

Make: ELF    Model: 6 wheel

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

In line 6 wheel cap tightening machine now in stock

Make: DICO    Model:

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

DICO automatic screw on cap / lidding machine now in stock.

This machine can be se running by appointment at our unit.

Used Cap Tightening Machines: Explore our cappers designed for screw caps, pump caps, trigger-spray caps, dispensers, and push-on/snap-on caps. Count on reliability and performance with machines from reputable brands such as Newman, King, Flow-Cap, ELF, and King. These cap tighteners are versatile, suitable for use on round, square, and trigger spray bottles, among others. Additionally, we buy and sell ROPP closure machines and offer new ROPP machines tailored to your cap requirements. Enhance your packaging line with cap massagers designed for push-on caps/lids, featuring a belt running at the same speed as the conveyor and positioned at an angle. Our cap massagers have been successfully used for various applications, including paint cans, washing powder tubes, and push-on trigger sprays, utilizing a top-hold belt for added efficiency.

Inline cap tightening machine demo videos of machine we have sold or have in stock

Stock Items

Over Wrapping Cellophane

Transfer Unit Bottles Boxes

Make: KapsAll    Model: GA

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Kaps All cap tighteners used 6 capping wheels to tighten caps/lids. This machine grips the product i.e. bottle with belts wight the cap is tightens. Single phase with speed control.

Click on the link to view our cap tightening machinery designed and manufactured in the UK. The Flo-Cap cap tightening machine is the most cost affective and versatile cap tightening machine currently on sale. No change parts required and minimal set-up time. This machine can tighten screw caps, pump, trigger sprays, push-on caps and push-on trigger caps on to bottles, jars and most other containers.

Make: Cap-Coder    Model: CC560

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

This machine is fitted with the cap-coder CC720 MK VI Torque Head a well engineered item that guarantee grip and torque. This machine has the versatility to do a range of sizes of cap and bottle

Vacuum cap tightening machine for caps and lids, automatic inline system manufactured in the Spain. Automatic operation for small, medium production this model will producing 900 sealed bottles/jars per hour.

Make: Flo-Cap   Model:

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Inline semi automatic cap tightening machine. This machine supports the container as the cap is tightened. The machine uses four wheel to grip and torque the cap.

Make: Newman    Model: 2CT

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Newman cap tighteners in a painted finishes. It works by gripping the product i.e. bottle with two belts

Make: KBW   Model:

  Condition: Used    Location: UK

Bench / Tabletop screw semi automatic capping machine or screw capping. Electric versions. With adjustable torque control. Also has a reverse / forward switch.

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