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Cap Tightening Machinery UK

UK Manufactured Packaging Machine

In line cap tightening machine for caps and trigger spray cap that are pre-threaded semi automatic inline system manufactured in the UK. Semi-automatic operation for small, medium and large production runs with no change parts continues motion inline.

Video demonstration below showing the capability of the cap tightening machine. Capping machines are a must on production lines to guarantee tight caps and avoid health and safety issues with leaking products and avoid repetitive strain injury RSI problems for your work force.

Inline cap tightening machine

The machine automatically torques threaded caps to tightness. The cap tightening machine is the most cost affective and versatile cap tightening machine currently on sale with no change parts and minimal set-up time. Easily integrated in to an existing production line  this machine can tighten screw caps, pump, trigger sprays, push-on caps and push-on trigger caps on to bottles, jars and most other containers.

Three variations available:

Standard optional triggers aligners

Pre threaded and Push on caps

Flame proof model

Machines are made to order.

Some of the capping machine features:

Cap diameter. 5mm - 110mm
Container height. 45mm - 340mm
Container width/diameter. 10mm - 125mm
Speed. 0 – 125 BPM (Bottles per minute)
Power supply. 240V ac/50HZ
Standard machine size. 700mm long x 560mm wide x 450mm high.
  flame proof machine is available

Video demo examples of the machines flexibility:

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