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Automatic Rotary Labelling Machine Systems

New Labelling Machinery Expert In Labelling Solutions

Automatic Labelling Machine For Vials, Tubes, Syringes, Ampoules

Cadence is a is a self-adhesive wraparound labelling machine with bulk product feeder and star wheel to load on to the a inclined roller conveyor to transport the products with out damage.


  1.  Ampoules

  2. Vials

  3. Test Tubes

  4. Pencils

  5. Batteries

Labelling speed:

 5 to 80 products per minute depending on product size and label.

Label roll size:

•   Outside Ø250mm (optional 300-350mm)

•   Width inclusive of backing paper 100mm

•   Core size Ø40mm (optional 76mm)


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