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Automatic Labelling Machine Systems

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Automatic Front And Back Labelling Machine Sequence

Sequence Total is an front and back automatic self adhesive labelling machine with wraparound faculty. It has stepper motors for fast and accurate labelling and optimum label placement, this machine is suitable for all types of products. This machine comes with opaque label detection as standard, also easily adjustable pre-dispensing and label positioning with graduated scale.

Sequence Front, Back And Wraparound labelling machines

  1. Easy to operate integrated controlled system with label counter and pre-set batch controls, keyboard and digital display.

  2. Suitable for a wide range of cylindrical labelling applications.

  3. Stepper motor: Fast and accurate labelling.

  4. Opaque label detection as standard.

  5. Easily adjustable pre-dispensing and label positioning with graduated scale.

  6. Hygienic design using FDA approved materials.

  7. Small machine footprint.

Machine label application range: